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This questionnaire will help us to custom tailor a solution that will perfectly match your needs. Your detailed answers will allow us to provide you with a proposal and a quotation, and will also be a core document during the creative process. If you don’t have all the answers, that’s fine. Do your best and let us know if you have any questions. Have fun!

Project and Company Details

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Company Name:
Email Address:
Phone No:
Zip Code:
Current or Intended Website Address:
Deadline for project completion:
Approximately how many pages/sections will your website have?
Do you already have a logo or branded materials such as business cards, stationary? 2. Can you provide a high resolution logo file, such as AI or EPS prior to the project beginning? 3. Any business cards and other branded materials?

Current Website (If Applicable)

Current Website URL:
Where do you currently host your website?
Do you need web hosting services?

In what ways does your current website succeed?
What limitations exist on your current website?
Will the content on the current website be used?

About your Customers and Website Users

What type of people do you expect will visit your website most? (age, location, male/female, income, location, etc.)
Why do your current customers buy from you? Or, why will your future customers buy from you?

About your New Site

What are the objectives of the website? (explain what you want the website to achieve for you)
How does the website tie into your company's goals?
How would you want people to describe your website?
In your opinion, what colors and/or imagery convey the personality and tone of your business
Do you already make use of a consistent color scheme?

Do you have photos ready for the website?

Should purchasing stock photography be factored into the budget?

What features does the website need? (please explain in as much detail as possible)
Who is in charge of writing and editing the website's content?
Do you, or your staff, require the ability to edit the website content? (Please describe your requirements)
Do you require professional copywriting services to prepare content for your website? If yes, for how many pages?

About your competitors

Who are your competitors? (please list their websites if possible)
Are there any particular websites you like? (list website and reasons why you like it beside)
What distinguishes you from your competition?


Are you interested in getting Search Engine Optimization services to optimize your website's listing on sites like Google, Yahoo, etc

Are you interested in email marketing?

If you said Yes to above, do you already have a list of emails?

Do you have any plans for marketing your website? (Please explain)?
Are you interested in featuring any video, music or animated content ? (please explain)


What is your budget for this project?
Do you need any other services that we offer?

How did you hear about us?
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